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Age Requirements

To receive discount fares based on age, please check that the qualifications below are met. If there are only adult fares available for your itinerary, we will quote adult fares.

Senior: To qualify for available senior fares, passengers must be age 60 or over.

Youth: To qualify for available youth fares, passengers must be 25 and under.

Child: : Age requirements to qualify for child fares vary by product and country. Please check the details for the specific product you select. Please note that ages 4 through 11 generally qualify for the child fares except for:

  • Austria: Ages 6-15
  • Belgium: Ages 6-11
  • Bulgaria: Ages 6-11
  • Denmark: Ages 6-15
  • Czech Republic: Ages 6-11
  • Finland: Ages 6-16
  • Germany: Ages 4-14
  • Great Britain: Ages 5-15
  • Hungary: Ages 6-13
  • Luxemburg: Ages 6-11
  • Norway: Ages 4-15
  • Republic of Ireland: Ages 4-15
  • Slovakia: Ages 6-11
  • Slovenia: Ages 6-11
  • Switzerland: Ages 6-15

Adult & Infant Discounts


Adult passengers, between the ages of 16 and 61, may take advantage of advance booking discounts on most trains across the Amtrak system. A range of fares may apply and are based on availability. Lower fares are more widely available at certain times of the year.

Amtrak Railagent will quote and price your travel at the lowest fare available at the time you make your reservation.

On unreserved trains, the lowest fares may be restricted during peak travel periods.

Changes to your itinerary may affect the fare, and a fee may apply when tickets are reissued.

Some discount fares may require purchase in advance of travel, and be non-refundable.

Certain fares are subject to significant cancellation penalties.


Infants are classified as passengers that are less than 2 years of age.

All infants must be accompanied by an adult. Infants ride on the lap of the adult.

One infant per fare-paying adult is entitled to travel free on Amtrak.

Additional infants per adult must travel at the child or adult fare.

An infant traveling free may occupy a vacant seat only if the seat is not needed for a paying passenger. Conductors may require that infants occupying a seat without paying a fare be removed to provide seating to a fare-paying passenger.